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Four Poster Beds

Pencil post bed
turned pencil post bed
early American folding bed
early American half-headed bed

Pencil Post Bed PP-1
This is a reproduction of the classic 18th century style tall post bed

Turned Pencil Post Bed PT-1
This reproduction bed has a unique country style design

Folding Bed HH-1
A reproduction of an antique space saving bed.
Half-Headed Bed HN-1
This style has tall head posts and low foot posts

claw foot four poster bed
claw foot tall post bed
tall post chippendale bed
tapered four poster bed

Ball & Claw Bed CB-1
This is an ornately carved Massachusetts tall post bed

Newport Ball & Claw Bed CB-2
One of Newport, RI's finest beds with raised talons and stopped reeding

Chippendale Bed Adaptation CC-2
A contemporary interpretation of the Chippendale style

Taper Post TT-1
A contemporary bed with square taper posts

Queen Anne bed with tester
tall post tester bed
Chippendale tall post bed
CChippendale tall post bed with tester

Queen Anne Bed QA-1
A fine example of and early 18th century style

Portsmouth Bed CP-1
The Federal style at its finest from Portsmouth, NH

Country Chippendale Bed CC-1
A country style Chippendale tall post bed

Goddard Chippendale Bed GC-1
One of the finest beds from Newport , RI

reproduction of antique tall post bed
reproduction of antique tall post bed
reproduction of antique bed
Seymour Tall Post Bed, SB-8
A fine Federal tall post tester bed

Federal Four Poster Bed, SB-10
Acanthus carved four poster bed

Leaf Carved Tall Post Sheraton, SB-11
A Federal tall post bed with reeding and carving



Low Post Beds

17th century low post bed
panelled low post bed
Low Post Bed
acorn and vase low post bed
Turned Pilgrim Bed TP-1
This a reproduction of one of the earliest existent American low post beds
Paneled Low Post Bed PA-1
A reproduction of a 17th century bed with paneled headboard
Low Post Bed
This is a classic 18th century country bed
Acorn & Vase Bed LP-2
A nicely refined 19th century bed

Hired Man's low post bed
low post bed
low post bed
low post bed

Hired Man's Bed LP-3
A very plain low post bed made for servants or children

18th Cent. Low Post LP-4
A reproduction of a low post bed from Old Sturbridge Village

Mushroom Top Low Post LP-5
A painted reproduction low post bed with classic turning


Tapered Low Post LP-6
A low post bed adaptation with slender posts
reproduction low post bed reproduction Shaker bed
cannonball low post daybed
low post daybed
Ball Foot Low Post LP-7
A robust post defines this low post bed.
Shaker Bed LP-8
A reproduction of a New England Shaker bed.

Ball Top Daybed
An 19th century style cannonball bed

Tapered Post Daybed DB-4
This bed a is a classic Sheraton design

cannonball bed
cannonball bed
cannonball bed
Reproduction of antique cannonball bed

Ball & Bell Bed BB-1
The classic cannonball bed

Ball Top Bed BB-3
Massive posts define this Empire cannonball bed
Cannonball Bed BB-6
A whimsical design from an antique bed
Cannonball Bed with Blanket Rail BB-5
A cannonball bed with broken arch pediment headboard
trundle bed with paneled headboard
trundle bed


Paneled Trundle Bed TB-2
Our trundle beds are are designed to compliment the main bed
Trundle Bed TB-1
A low bed designed to slide under the main bed


Field Beds

Hepplewhite Field Bed
Sheraton Field Bed
Sheraton Field Bed
Sheraton Field Bed

Hepplewhite Field Bed HP-3
Classic proportions allow this bed to fit in contemporary and traditional homes.

Sheraton Field Bed SB-1
A reproduction country style field bed.

Classic Sheraton Field Bed SB-3
A classic example of the Sheraton style with its traditional foot.

Leaf Carved Field Bed SB-5
An elegant reeded and carved field bed.

Philadelphis Sheraton Field Bed


Ephraim Haines Field Bed SB-9
A reproduction of a fine Philadelphia bed in the Sheraton style.





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