Pineapple Bed, B 61


antique pineapple bed

detail of antique pineapple bedThis bed is an excellent example of mid- 19th century classical design. The posts and headboards are original however the bed was modified, probably in the first half ot the 20th century, by adding modern rails. Note that the front left post is missing the ring just below the pineapple. This an old repair. The rails are attached to the posts with bed bolts located on the inside of the rails eliminating the need for bed bolt covers. The bed is of birch and will take a full size mattress on a slats.

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Post Hgt.
Inside Dimension
Outside Dimension
Rail Hgt.
Headboard Hgt. Bottom
Headboard Hgt. Top
48 x 78"
52 x 82"
38 1/2"


Antique Bed, as is $1,150
With European Slats $1,425


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