Antique Beds
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Tall Post Beds
antique tester bed
antique Empire bed
antique reeded tall post bed
Four antique bed posts

European Tester Bed B-57
A well design and executed tall post bed with tester.

Empire Four Poster Bed B-25
An unusual antique Empire bed with square posts.
Reeded Four Poster Bed B-49
This is a well carved antique tall post bed with well executed turnings and a robust appearance.

Late Sheraton Carved Posts B-12
A set of 4 posts that can be made into any size bed.


Field Beds

antique federal field bed
a dimnutive antique field bed

Federal Field Bed B-64
A classic Federal field bed c. 1820


Diminutive Field Bed B-23
An attractive antique field bed with petite proportions.


Cannonball and Low Post Beds

antique pineapple bed
Antique low post bed
antique butter mold cannonball bed

Pineapple Bed B-61
A nice double end bed with antique posts.

Low Post Bed B-66
A classic American low post bed.

Cannonball Double End Bed B-24
This bed is an older reproduction of the a cannonball bed.

Cannonball Bed with Butter Mold Carving B-52
A very nice double end bed with high headboards and Tiger Maple rolls.

Antique pineapple turned bed.


Turned Pineapple Bed B-67
With a faux grained and stenciled finish.


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