antique field bed post

Reeded Antique Field Bed B-78

antique field bed

detail of antique fiels bed postThis is a classic American field bed with boldly reeded foot posts. field beds were popular in the early 19th century and usually had a curved tester rame or canopy on top of the posts. This bed is exemplary of the form. A tester frame can be added at you request. The bed is of birch maple and pine. It has been refinished at some point but still retains its desirable warm color.

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Examples of our resized antique beds

Post Hgt.
Inside Dimension
Outside Dimension
Rail Hgt.
Headboard Hgt. Bottom
Headboard Hgt. Top
46 3/4 x 70"
53 x 76 1/2"
26 1/4"
44 1/4"
Antique Bed as shown $1,895
Resize to Full with slats, 53" $2,495
Resize to Queen $3,395
Resize to King $3,895